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What is Know Your Customer KYC and why it’s important

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Customer due diligence is just one aspect of KYC procedures, but people often use these terms interchangeably. In this phase, you collect information about the customer during the onboarding process. While we’ve covered laws in the US, money laundering and fraud are international challenges.

  • Nowadays, there are automated KYC verification services offered by various RegTech companies.
  • Broadly speaking, AML refers to all efforts involved in preventing money laundering, such as stopping criminals from becoming customers and monitoring transactions for suspicious activity.
  • Algorithms draw together the results of these checks and indicate whether the identity document is authentic.
  • At Ramp, we verify that any third parties have adopted stringent security.

The penalty assessed against Bitcoin mixer Larry Dean Harmon for violating anti-money laundering laws. An accounting experience by finance teams, built for speed and efficiency. Automate manual processes and start enjoying instant reconciliation – Ramp does all the heavy lifting. Collect this data and ensure that it is safely stored under local data protection laws. Moses is an experienced freelance writer and analyst with a keen interest in how technology is disrupting the financial sector. He has written extensively on the subject of cryptocurrencies from an investment perspective, as well as from a technical standpoint.

Why should I care about KYC?

KYC verification procedures allow financial service providers to avoid working with customers involved in money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit financial activities. AML is a blanket term for the constantly evolving laws and regulations that are in place to prevent money laundering and other related financial crimes. AML compliance is a lot more comprehensive and actually includes KYC compliance as one of its requirements. Know your customer is a systematic process that business enterprises carry out in order to verify the identity of their respective potential customers.

Some have proposed a newer, more Web3-friendly version of KYC built around reputation coupled with a limited identity verification process. Know-your-customer procedures identify and confirm that a customer is who they say they are. It’s a multi-step process designed to prevent fraudulent account creation and use.

What is KYC

Programs also vary because regulations tend to be vague to prevent companies from only implementing the minimum processes needed to stay compliant. If agencies can ensure that potential clients are who they say they are, they can proceed with confidence when it comes to putting in offers or closing sales deals. Lacking this information, meanwhile, puts agencies at risk of non-compliance and the potential loss of licensure.

With KYC and AML regulations; The company can easily understand whether the transaction is standard or illegal by following the customers’ financial transactions. Regulations include customer authentication, face verification, documents such as invoices as proof of address, and biometric verification. When these are followed, it is easier to notice when the client does something unusual. KYC, or Know Your Customer, refers to both a regulatory compliance regime and the process organizations use to verify the identity of their clients before doing business with them.

Use of Electronic Identity Verification

On-going monitoring of accounts and transactions is an essential aspect of effective KYC procedures. Banks can only effectively control and reduce their risk if they have an understanding of normal and reasonable account activity of their customers. Banks should develop clear customer acceptance policies and procedures, including a description of the types of customer that are unacceptable to bank management. In preparing such policies, factors such as customers’ background, country of origin, public or high profile position, business activities or other risk indicators should be considered. Banks should develop graduated customer acceptance policies and procedures that require more extensive due diligence for high risk customers.

Government started to crack down on suspicious operations in a bid to stop terrorist activities on American soil. One of the ways to do that was stopping the funding for the terrorist camps. It was found that various people and agencies were using funds generated in the U.S. to fund these campaigns.

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