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Front end vs Back end: What’s The Difference?

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Full-stack development encompasses the entirety of an application, including back-end and front-end development. Instead of specializing in one type of development, full-stack developers apply their skills to both. Companies usually hire full-stack developers for their «big picture» mindsets and complete understanding of the creation process. With additional training, education, or certifications, some back-end developers can translate their experience into higher-paying careers as software engineers. Below, we explain some skills that back-end developers usually possess.

The main front end coding languages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front end developers focus on grid systems and layout as well as typography and color theory, using UX/UI principles to create a seamless experience. The front end is the interactive part of the website or application. The Graphical User Interface allows users to take actions as per their wishes. The backend of a website or an application cannot be seen by the users. It collects the information from the users, processes, and handles the functionality of the application.

Building readable code that can be reused, refactored, and maintained by other developers. While both front-end and back-end developers will work on the same project, the job descriptions for each position will look fairly different. Now let’s move on to the details of what a front-end vs. a back-end developer does, and the skills required How to Optimize Query Performance in MySQL Databases to enter these fields. Areas for you to input information were also designed and created by a front-end developer. Before looking at the roles of the developers themselves, let’s first cover the fundamentals of front and back-end development. Want to learn more about the difference between front-end and back-end development?

front end vs back end

Designing with user experience, aesthetics, and brand consistency in mind. Interested in a career in web development, but not sure what specialty matches your own skillset? A back-end developer builds and maintains the technology that powers those components which, together, enable the user-facing side of the website to even exist in the first place. The back- end of a website consists of a server, an application, and a database. The front-end of a website is the part that users interact with.

Skills and Tools Required for Full Stack Developers

These tasks may include debugging and testing back-end systems and applications.Communication SkillsBack-end developers need strong communication skills to complete projects effectively. Developers may need to explain technical web design issues to stakeholders that may not have tech knowledge. HTMLHTML is the standard programming language for implementing a webpage’s general content and structure.CSSFront-end developers use CSS to create a webpage’s colors, style, layout, and fonts. Developers may need to explain design issues to clients who may not have technical backgrounds.CreativityCreative front-end developers improve the look, feel, and usability of websites. They help to ensure that a site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate beyond functionality alone.

  • If you’re still mulling, try our free software engineering learning path and check out our salary guide to see what you could be making.
  • Also use language features like lists, sets, and dictionaries appropriately for simple algorithmic tasks.
  • —A JavaScript application framework, Express.js is open-source software and is available under the MIT license.
  • Ruby on Rails is time-efficient, cost-effective, consistent, and scalable.

The desirable work of a front end developer is the designing of layouts and the desirable work of a back end developer is to attain a functional stage. Get a hands-on introduction to web development and build your first website from scratch with our free, self-paced Web Development Short Course. Your website needs a database to manage all the customer and product information. A website’s functionality relies on each side communicating and operating effectively with the other as a single unit. While these two types of programming are certainly distinct from one another, they’re also like two sides of the same coin.

Using these tools, front-end developers work closely with designers or user experience analysts to bring mockups, or wireframes, from development to delivery. Strong front-end developers can also accurately identify specific issues in user experience and provide recommendations and codified solutions to influence the design. A front end developer designed every aspect of a web page, including the logo, search function, icons, general layout, and user interface. The style and appearance of the website are at the control of front end developers.

Key Steps for Mobile App Development

Now, her focus is centered around technology and explaining complex concepts to a broader audience. For front-end developers, this means getting to know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and studying the design and structural principles upon which websites are built. For back-end developers, the median base salary is listed as $95,112 annually, with an average of $65,400 for junior roles. This is a high-level Python web framework that allows developers to create web apps with less code. Good understanding of server-side logic and data management protocols. Of course, both back-end and front-end development shares the ultimate goal of creating a smooth, functioning website that delivers on what the clients and users want.

It achieves this with the help of an application running on the server that contains the necessary logic that gathers the requested information and resources for the right user. Backend server-side scripts, written in a backend scripting programming language, are responsible for processing the requests. Once you understand the basics, it’s time to start building a portfolio that can showcase your skills, your learning trajectory, your passion, and your motivation.

front end vs back end

It is not only the best choice for building a great user interface but also for powerful backend applications. Flutter offers both ready-to-use and customizable widgets, thus, developers prefer this framework. Since then, its development team has delivered many updated versions. Angular was designed to overcome the hurdles found with other frameworks.


Back-end developers typically hold bachelor’s degrees in web development, programming, computer science, or other related fields. Some employers hire back-end devs who develop their skills through work experience, bootcamps, or certification programs. Together, frontend and backend development provide the basis for a functioning Web application or site. Frontend development is all about what the user sees and interacts with. On the other hand, backend development is all about making everything work. Nevertheless, it is clear that they are like the two sides of a coin.

Instead, you could collaborate with program managers, graphic designers, and UX/UI designers to solve problems. When you have some experience under your belt, you can start looking for more senior positions. Often, it helps to add specializations or certificates How to Use Jupyter Notebook in 2020: A Beginners Tutorial to your resume to get there. Good understanding of data protection and security principles. Experience with the key principles of web design and structure. Designing and implementing data storage solutions and accompanying data protection/security protocols.

front end vs back end

To summarize, the frontend involves all the parts a user interacts with, whereas the backend is the logic that powers the frontend interactions. Building internal or external functionalities and server-side software using server-side The Five Stages of Team Development Principles of Management technologies and web frameworks to provide solutions to problems. Essentially, the backend is what the users don’t have direct access to or don’t directly interact with and are most likely unaware of when using an application.

How Much Can a Front-End Developer Make?

Salaries are often based on a combination of education, experience, and industry. In this path, you’ll really be taking your education in your own hands. With this path, students will want to start taking courses and certifications and building their portfolio of work along the way.

However, the distinction between frontend and backend is not always so clear-cut. Some developers are proficient in both the frontend and backend; these are what’s known asfull-stack developers. You can learn about them in more depth in ourintro to full-stack development. If you enjoy working with data, figuring out algorithms, and coming up with ways to optimize complex systems, you might prefer to work as a backend developer.

Bootcamps offer accelerated training programs to get students ramped up in development in as little as 12 to 18 months. As mentioned, there is no single path into front-end development, however, there are some development considerations to take into account. If you’re ready to commit to the long haul, a four-year degree in a specialty such as Computer Science is a great way to strengthen your chances of getting a job in front-end development. Our suggestion is to augment this approach with online courses and certifications to help accelerate your education. Like the frontend, the backend also comes with multiple features that are beneficial to the developers. On starting the course, you’ll be paired with two experienced web developers—your mentor and tutor—who’ll guide you from complete beginner to job-ready developer within seven months.

If what you see in an application is the front end, then what do you think makes this happen? Continue reading this tutorial to understand this concept better, and start to learn about frontend vs. backend development. Before learning about frontend vs. backend development, you will look at them separately and understand each of them in detail below in this tutorial.

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